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Welcome to Digimon Adventure Roleplay! Here, we roleplay the characters, you guessed it, of Digimon Adventure 01 and 02. If you would like to play, please first read the FAQ and Character list pages. If the character you want is free, please leave the link to your page in the message box and we'll add you as soon as we can!
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April Fools!

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Miyako’s reservation is up!

I'll be back probably around august, but i'll be popping in here and there when work isn't completely taking over my life ha ha

Work needs to stop kidnapping people. First TK-mun, now Mimi-mun? r00d.

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Miyako has been reserved!

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Mimi is on hiatus


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#semi-hiatus #so come back soon ok

Koushirou, Catherine, and Wallace have been removed from the list. Shoot us a message if you’re interested in playing any of them! Other characters are available as well~

mksjdf m'back


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Daisuke is on hiatus


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Digidestined more like Dramadestined

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I feel really guilty because once I reserved Miyako but completely forgot about it and now I can't because I have so many RP groups and I can't really cope with them I am so sorry


Does this happen a lot? Does this explain our numerous Miyakos? xD Nah, it’s cool. Enjoy your RP groups!

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